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Missed Connections
We met at your local. We talked about our grandmothers and listened to The Orielles. You smoked barefoot on the balcony in the most brilliant blue jumper. You had books everywhere, every corner, even on the arms of your sofa. Bodies, text, feelings in your gut. I walked home with a pain in my ankle. I have been reading 'By Grand Central Station'. I can't stop thinking of you.

the night we met we ran across campus together with a boy who would become my ex boyfriend, looking for adventure. i don't talk to him much anymore but we haven't stopped searching since. you're not mine, but when we hold hands on the train or you tuck your body close into mine, i wish you were. 

we shared a toyota minvan from bushick to bedstuy; i sat behind you. we talked about gaspar noé - you said irreversible was your favorite, and i said mine was love. then we were at my house. i never got your number. i think we should see a movie sometime.

We met at the farmhouse last June. I followed my nose into the kitchen to find you simmering wildflowers from the garden in cream and sugar. Panna cotta. I cupped my hands and you ladled me a spoonful from a cooled batch. I licked my palms while you watched.

Looking for A Rose Girl
- Old Friend, London Underground - Central Line
You were sat a few seats down from me on the tube. You smelled like a rose. I turned to you, and realised it wasn't you. Someone else. We were friends. Remember? I wore lavender perfume. You wore rose. I switched to vanilla. You might not recognise me. What perfume do you wear now? Would I recognise you? Could I pin you down in a room? With my eyes closed?

At a Julliard reading, you sat next to me and told me I looked like someone you know, adding, "Don't worry, he's really sexy." I blushed, and you turned  back to your friend. The play began. We laughed together for 90 minutes. When can I see you again?

We've past each other now. The moment our eyes met, lasted a little more than a year. I hope one day I can finally stop looking back over my shoulder, hoping to catch another glimpse of a person who is not there.

I’m a 26 year old man. I live in the Bay Area (Peninsula). I have brown hair, brown eyes and an odd smile. I’m looking for a woman to fall in love with, or any person of any gender to be friends with, so long as your politics are somewhere left of center. I like modernist literature and science fiction. I plan on watching every movie ever made before I die. Willing to try hiking and most things, just not skydiving. Looking to expand my heart. XOXO

29M in south slope, brooklyn. Do you enjoy taking day trips out of the city and getting lost in the met? So do I. Let's enjoy the world while we still can. Send me a short story you like and I'll send you one in return.

24f, Idaho. Looking to connect with a man who can take me on long walks and play chess just as terribly as me. I enjoy running, reading, and on a Friday night you can probably find me tucked away into a dive bar watching a live show. I am 5'2 with long auburn curly hair and a lot of love-send me your favorite books and movies and I will show you mine. 

22F back in philly postgrad in search of queer art friends, lets go to wash square/clark park/any park read books write poetry and make zines. i can draw your portrait you can read to me lets make everyones dreams come true. currently reading Playboy by Constance Debre tell me what youre reading. I need to go to all of the philly film society queer movie nights this june lets go together i'll pay for popcorn.

21F recent college grad looking for anything to hit and stick to. lover of the analogue, hand sewing a t-shirt, black and white pictures. I’m interested in infatuation and having a muse. maybe you’re smarter than me and 10 times more beautiful. you have a weird haircut and are committed to the bit. tell me a story and let me ask you about yourself.

25m, splitting summer between NY and LA. Living in DC starting September. Enjoys writing about taxes and private law. Hopes to start writing about movies and running long distances. Plays the NYT Spelling Bee daily and reads fiction far more often than nonfiction. Seeking friends anywhere I am—or pen pals anywhere I'm not—to swap stories, book/movie/TV recommendations, thoughts about our interests, or anything else that comes to mind.

20f (nearly 21). born-and-raised londoner currently studying abroad on the mainland but will be back soon for the summer holidays. looking for people to hang out with over the summer to avoid a fate worse than death (being alone with no plans and, therefore, stuck in suffocating childhood home). history student really into films (esp. body-horror), punk music, neo-soul, maoism-third worldism and marxism. currently enjoying: rewatching trier's oslo trilogy, improving my french and exposure therapy for my social anxiety. hoping to make friends in person and / or friends i can regularly correspond with over email. get in touch no matter where you are :)

28f, London, iso of friends, lovers and fellow yappers. I’m a little shy to start but I warm up quickly! Into gossip, film, niche perfume, ballet, Marxism, Frank O’Hara, & the long 18th century. Let’s take a sleeper train, go swimming and lounge in the park to a soundtrack of Mitski and Joni Mitchell.

42, nonbinary writer, Philly, looking to be someone's favorite person. You're an artist who loves binging Criterion Collection movies and wants to walk around museums with me. You love thrifting and want to help me bake when the weather gets cooler. You love feeding people as much as I do and have probably volunteered with Food Not Bombs at some point. You have smart things to say about books and like walking through cemeteries. Bonus points if your ideal date is going to Off Track Betting and listening to Townes Van Zandt songs on the way home.

25F, NYC. can be found frequenting movie theaters, baseball stadiums, thai restaurants and sports bars. ISO someone who also believes in the sanctity of a saturday morning matinee and is willing to roadtrip for hikes. must be okay with the fact that my greatest love will always be the ocean.

30 / femme bisexual bob Dylan doppelgänger lady / crown heights / works in book publishing by day and also by night because who doesn’t love consistency / seeking a fellow reader & thinker who can make me laugh in writing and in person and while stoned walking around a museum and dancing in a living room / must love cats and hate Zionism / find me on X and tell me the names of your most active group chats: @aylazeef

early 20s queer. a journalist who codes. living in new york for the summer and looking for friends, lovers or secret third things. enjoys spending the whole day at the museum or the park, trying new types of fizzy drinks and making friends with cats. currently reading under the sign of saturn by susan sontag.

F27 London. Big-eyed, wild-haired writer and artist seeks irreverent, kind, bright-eyed man for jaunts to old soho dive bars and walking in the moony hours.

31F writer in Stockholm, bored to death, looking for friends, penpals, book clubs, event-going crowds. Likes: nature reserves, Sebald, natural wine, Soviet film. Dislikes: Stureplan

28m, native new yorker from queens but living uptown. Looking for friends to play basketball with and watch the Knicks in the playoffs this year. (maybe even start a band?) Into communist propaganda, making music, the rap group Armand Hammer, and early 2000s indie films. Trying to be a graphic designer, but I used to work with foster kids. Hoping we can grab a beer together.

23F / uptown manhattan. nyc native. have been on a slew of bad dates so i’m hoping to find some one cute that will ask me a question or two about myself. i like reading although i don’t do it as much as i should, so you should have some recs prepared. favorite book: buddha of suburbia by hanif kureishi. passionate about tortured female folk musicians. i don’t get along with people who don’t wash their towels on regularly.

29m, London, bad texter, occasional baker, recovering workaholic. Looking for someone to go picnic with this spring/summer, aimlessly wonder around with, read poetry next to, and maybe, some day write love letters for.

24f, Boston. music journalist and lover of sounds and the sea. full of feelings & words. currently living life with Eve Babitz as my muse. I run a zine w/ my old college roommate and work at a PR firm. looking for writer friends, pals who’d be interested in meeting up in the city to discuss books, or men who like going to concerts and being kind.

25f Writer. Looking for a pen friend. I put a coin into Zoltar wishing for a friend I could go to Coney Island with. Almost two years later and no luck. Likes to wear tiare oil scented with frangipani. Fav books include the Master and Margarita, alongside City of Night, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Loves: The ocean, dive bars, singing, any shoe with a platform, do-it-yourself, analog, cats slow blinking, Martha Graham dance classes, opening a train window and smelling the jasmine.

29 queer. Ridgewood NY. Painter. Emotionally earnest, sexually adventurous. Friend to my chosen family and roommate to my two cats (Loaf and Bones). I am (prof. diagnosed, low-needs) autistic and trans (sometimes boyfriend, sometimes cute/pretty). Looking for someone to share love, books, fun facts, and long walks with.

24f. writer and machine churner. let’s discover the religious beauty of spring time in los angeles - maybe embark on a “before sunrise” romance? get solemn and stirred at the museum of jurassic technology then enjoy small batch ice cream? maybe discuss the “return to desire” essay? interested in laughing until I cry and crying until I laugh. reading now: zany cute interesting and salt fat acid heat. <3

23F, 5’11” Californian in Brooklyn. Speechwriter, ironic cooking Instagrammer, former history major and biographer of a forgotten icon of the radical right. “Training for my first half marathon.” Seeking: boy to do bits and go to Mr. Kale (or the Mr. Fruit market of your choosing) with. Tell me your favorite thing about your neighborhood! 

25F post grad midwestern transplant to Boston looking to build a community. I dream of a neighborhood full of friends and a local spot we regularly gather, like a grown up group of kids who play in the street all summer and I want to run home at dusk with a scraped knee.

I live in Lisbon and would like to make some friends. I enjoy hanging out by bodies of water and inside movie theatres, and dancing, of course. I am really good at making plans! i really like people, and beer and Leonard Cohen.

23f. California girl in downtown manhattan. Love the sun, road movies, reading magazines, walking around, Coney Island, learning about the world, being in love. Lets spend some time together

29M homo in Orange County, CA, seeking friends and writing collaborators for the coming summer and beyond. I like to psychoanalyze fiction, discuss films, and writhe around the floor at South Coast Plaza where the Rainforest Cafe used to be. Do you? Let's get together. Do you like soju or Freud? Let's get together ASAP

27f/nigerian-american/east harlem, ISO friends who live uptown or in the bronx (open to anyone but tired of hauling ass to brooklyn/downtown every other weekend). not really into parties or crowds, but love going for walks, seeing films, having dinner parties, chatting/gossiping on a comfy couch.  also hoping to start a book club for international black (leftist!) literature. don't have to be black, but have to be friendly and critical/skeptical of identity politics and mainstream representations of blackness. let's spend spring/summer together above 100th st.

25F, tall-ish, DC, seeking connection, preferably intense and raw. A little proper, a little bit adventurous. I like conversation, Peanut Chews, and fiction. Above all , looking to be seen.

24 F. Strawberry blonde, NYC based writer/MFA candidate iso homies, lovers..or honestly, even roommates, (it's that SEASON)- to sit in parks & make art with, hit up dives or thrift with in the rain. Lover of: the art of panicked memoir, vintage fur and leather, The Sopranos, folk punk music, collage as an avenue of transmission, long letters, poetry that gets a little vulgar, running, Marlboros, and anyone who wants to teach me how to cook.

23f, nyc, looking for friends to attend literary events & read at cafés that turn into wine bars at night. ny school sun baby, bret easton ellis autofiction rising, & muriel spark/donna tartt/julio cortázar moon. flâneur poet of the everyday, wim wenders & gia coppola lover, personification of the love letter emoji bearing a vintage schiapareli scarf<3

31, male, Ridgewood looking for a nice gal who shares my interests: a matinee at metrograph (or ifc or film forum…), long walks, fragrance, trips to the museum, reading, discussing what we’re reading, etc. I am: 6-feet-tall, have green eyes and brown curly hair. I love Paul Simon, making people laugh, and poetry. I’m currently an MFA candidate and sometimes an artist assistant.

25f, queens. curly-haired copywriter who loves the ferry, hates grocery shopping, and has her mother’s taste in candy. will make you watch dirty dancing with her. probably has carpal tunnel. is prone to keeping that one piece of paper for her scrapbook. looking for someone to share shelf space with in our future in-home library.

29m, back and forth btw NYC and Chicago - Walker looking for a municipal bureaucrat with a heart of gold. Love oral history, movies, poetry, and fiction that reads like poetry. I used to work as a journalist, now do political comms. I run a literary magazine and write a city life column called “City Mouse”. I also convene friendly gatherings of translators. Not into scenes and parties but do love people. "Those who love everything are despised by everything, as those who love a city, in its profoundest sense, become the shame of that city." (Don’t actually care what your job is.)

24f, kind and curious californian in brooklyn. seeking lively conversation and laughter with a man who imagines a better world. loves slim, eccentric, translated novels, the sun on my back, baking, and the sea. recently discovered movies. will write you love letters.

24F long island/nofo -- organic farm worker, student! i whisper that i'm a writer when i'm alone. love all things memoirs, yoga, meditation, dried flowers, dancing, travel into the unfamiliar. would love to read by the water, pick berries, stroll the MET with you and share radiance & love! can and will serenade you, cook and bake for you (or with you), adorn your fridge with a homemade card.

23f, brooklyn, big ol lesbo seeking new friends and or lovers! i'm a writer/artist with a penchant for kitschy horror, food writing, maggie nelson, mockumentaries. looking for a plus one to check out art/music/parties with me! i'm a pisces and a redhead and you are: an aries maybe? a leo even? you: have a dry sense of humor? we can trade goss about our personal lives and i'll send you photos of silly dogs i see on the street + bring you to the museum where i work. kisses!

33, Brown cis male, Brooklyn 11201. Better listener than talker, especially if you're giving me a book rec. A bit judgmental about music tastes, but never mean about it. Enjoy running and people watching in Prospect, continuously trying to convince you that Bombay is the best city in the world, and will always try to get a seat for you on the train. Cooking for two people is easier too.

22f, yank in scotland but may be anywhere from queens to coastal maine to antarctica come the end of this year (fr!). habitual rube, "culture" ""worker,"" and lover of Tony Gatlif. iso: epistolary friends for exchanging longreads, butches to play poker with in a basement, and ex-fundies of all shapes.

24F. practical daydreamer looking for someone gentle who can change a tire. likes matinees, epistolary novels, long walks, futzing around and making a fuss in the kitchen. hates bananas and running to catch the bus. write me?

24M, nyc. Tall, Nigerian American. ISO someone to read Sigrid Nuñez to , watch kelly reichardt films with and generally goof around the city with.

25f filipina american infj angel in queens nyc looking for lovely friends to watch Asian cinema, drink coffee, maybe host a book club, or enjoy the cherry blossoms with.

27f, dc. seeking someone willing to go watch a film of ryuichi sakamoto's last performance with me

31, m, brooklyn — brown, tall, curly-haired designer with a soft spot for coconut (curries, cookies, candies, cakes), wanting to find a partner who’d want to co-run a book/confidante club (maybe we get thru stalingrad/life of fate together?? :pleading-emoji:), go off to far-flung corners of the city and also the earth, make life together...!

29F, bushwick/brooklyn (not the best for dating emotionally available men). taiwanese american, i spend my days slacking at a graeber nonprofit bullshit job, teaching yoga, and cooking elaborate meals. i love reading novels, taking silly photos with my shitty digital camera, and going to the beach. i'll bake you a sourdough if i really like you! :')

22f in dublin. sound artist and collage maker seeking community, pen pals, and maybe true love. i love abrasive music (send your weirdest or most meaningful bandcamp find), personal essays and GOOD fiction, the first jackass movie, and swimming in the sea. i am a libra and a c cup, in that order. trying to engage with the greater world and staying far far away from my phone, flaneuse with me !

23m from anaheim looking to enjoy the brevity of each others' silence. in search of friends, artists, and anyone that enjoys mojave 3, the cranes are flying, pomegranates, and old vintage stamps

28F in Brooklyn, sometimes a writer, always an organizer. looking for friends and/or lovers to watch movies, eat sushi, love the open road, believe in our fellow man and a better world together. must not be averse to spicy food.

27f queer environmentalist in Brooklyn looking for friends to write novels with. Other potential activities: knitting, sewing, shabbat dinners with me and my fiancée, Hudson Valley day trips, listening to the Roches, and gossiping. Always extra thrilled to make friends with other queer women, but definitely not a requirement!

24m, bay area/dc/???. law & history student interested in contributing to the class struggle (in a funny and self-effacing sense but i also mean it). like everyone else i enjoy reading books (recently cultural history, modernist poetry, balzac), watching movies (altman, hou, akerman, hawks), and listening to post-punk, indie rock, and country. looking for someone with strong moral/intellectual/political/aesthetic commitments who likes long conversations and wandering around.

Recently 29-turned-30 yr male looking for a a book (or movie, TV, etc.) club!Los Angeles-based, but open to an inclusive, remote-style book club, too. Recently read/watched: Susie Boyt's LOVE and MISSED, Konstantin Paustovsky's THE STORY OF A LIFE, Claire Simon's OUR Body, and the new MR & MRS. SMITH (S1). Feeling sheepish and will go for a long walk after hitting submit..

28 year old north brooklyn-based journalist / writer / media operator seeking friends & / or lovers to go on long walks, take the ferry to rockaway, sit in dim bars, discuss books, swap short stories, etc... Must have a charmed view of the universe; agnostic whether you're more of a five star or dive bar gal. My pitch on me: Tall, fit, amazing eyes, thoughtful, devoted, & I know who I am.

22f, uk. looking for someone to start an epistolary (read: email) intellectual friendship with. willing to discuss writing, movies, recipes, nyt mini crossword, other people's pathologies, birds you see out and about, etc. those who take themselves too seriously need not apply <3

26f seeking a nyc based friend to get coffee with and witness each other at social events while we're still in our 20s. only a leftist buzzkill 30% of the time, can increase or decrease as you prefer. mostly on this earth to fart around.

26f, writer and former film archivist. like if jeff mangum were a girl. i love reading, collecting stamps, watching ghost world, and (naturally) men who are older than me. i am looking to take the train to dia beacon and fall asleep w my head on your shoulder. pinkerton defenders pls apply.

28f, nomadic in Minneapolis, painter, copywriter. looking for my match in sweetness and in wit. i love: making amatriciana, listening to smog, looking at fauvist paintings, wearing cowboy boots with a mini skirt, and reading jack spicer.

buxom trans femcel “writer” 28 seeks verified chaser for true love in the bay area. one dead parent preferred. whimsy and joie d.v. required. “standing humbly/ at the gate of someone else’s mystery and hoping for the sound,/ at least now and then, of the hinges turning…”

22F, NYC. Math & Phil student. I like to read and paint. I also like: Amadeus (the movie), Scandinavian directors (not Lars Von Trier), ginger beer, handwritten lists, a firm blackberry. Looking for someone who shares my optimism about love, agrees with Deleuze on desire, and will find me the perfect reading chair for my office.

25F in a lithe 5’7” body off the JMZ in BK. Seeking someone with integrity, soft skin, and immunity to cat dander to keep me company while I work in bed. Into British rock bands, international liberation, making fusion food, Humphrey Bogart, crosswords, and cult classic sitcoms. ADHD.

31f, manhattan. beautiful bengali book editor + writer. orbiting the open-ended end of a big relationship, hoping to reconnect with possibility. would love someone to talk to about cerebral fiction, third worldism, haunting films/ B movies, reality television… and to laugh and complain and eat seafood with. must despise zionism and yearn for liberation with equal fervor. can you drive me to the ocean?

26m in ridgewood. office worker and swimmer. I love WG Sebald and the sea and I want to move to Denmark, where my mom is from. I ended up being more of a mourner than a leftist, maybe. I don't like America or France. I feel really inept most days. I recently found out I'm 5'9". I'm looking for someone similar, but with longer and prettier hair.

a lady (24, blood type O+, ashamed poli sci graduate) trying to find a person & a community to survive the tech hellscape of the Bay Area in California with. maybe you'd like to get to know a short woman who feels an intense desire to Know All Things and who loves perusing grocery stores and taking pictures of cats?perhaps?

26, male, brooklyn, short king lover boy in search of woman to talk fiction, greenwood cemetery headstones, edward yang, and sex and the city with while we wait for the pot of pho i made to accumulate flavor over a low boil. send me your guilty pleasure drake song

30, female, london england via the hague, brisbane and london england (the first time). god's favourite girl seeks a man who is kind, funny and charismatic. a lover of midwest emo, movies with subtitles, the poetry of frank o'hara and very long walks, i have long hair, two passports, a decent command of french and an open heart.

33M, NJ/NYC mutt. Grad Center muppet rat film critic seeks love-crush for movie matinees and protests and "is that a kingfisher?" and lying on towels in all terrains.

23f from ny in search of romance or friendship — ideally both! loves horror movies, waffle fries, and the music of joanna newsom

28M, Brooklyn. I consider romantic love, alongside the fine arts, to be one of the highest and noblest aspirations of human beings, and I am looking for someone to pursue it with. 
Guilty pleasures: dairy products, world news journalism, nostalgiabait video essays.

26M, living in DC but from the Midwest; was recently told (derogatorily) that my job on the commune would be writing socialist pillow quotes; ISO crush to protest empire with and to go on long bike rides; ISO friends as well; an appreciation for MICHELLE, liminal spaces, and Ozu movies would be highly welcomed.

25 year old bisexual zinemaker, writer, and painter who lives off of extra dirty vodka martinis and lavender oat milk lattes.  looking for the truest of all loves(or the best of friends). pet rabbit in a pink walled brooklyn apartment. can make an excellent bouef bourguignon a la julia child

25 yo frail but brave girl from the deep south, tall, interested in fly fishing @ brooklyn bridge park, loves to compliment strangers on TikTok, doesn’t own a microwave, has a gorgeous dreamscape, knows a lot about Clover Adams. ISO a lover to run, fish, laugh, and lie with.

40F seeking someone to cook me meals and say nice things, in exchange for a companion to all kinds of NYC cultural  events and travels further afield. Let's find out if Annie Ernaux-style obsession is capable of making the long haul.

Apartment listings
F34/white/queer seeking roommate to share 2bd/1ba apartment w/ patio in Washington DC anytime April thru July. $1425/mo + utilities (wifi + electric). Cat-friendly, high ceilings, wood trim, and natural light. In-unit W/D, new stove/oven, dishwasher, and compost. Immediately adjacent to public transportation, lively Adams Morgan, and beautiful Rock Creek Park.

<3 notes
i'm so grateful that we were set up with one another. how could i have known how sweet and tender a single weekend could be? i'm thinking of you from the coast, with the brine of the atlantic washing over me while i imagine how the verdancy of a portland riverbank might mix with the cedar of that perfume you like and how it might feel to kiss your very soft mouth again...

I put on coconut oil and think of you instantly. i’ve been oil pulling, pulling from my heart. practicing the self-care you’ve showed me. maybe it will summon you, wishful thinking. if not i will still have the benefits. i’ve thought about you in every corner of my house, on every step there’s a thought of you carved into the wood. my room is filled with our moments and all of the times I’ve carried you to your bed. you’re so deep inside my heart there’s no pulling you out, I’d never want to. I’m so glad there’s more good in there, I’ve been pouring more love into myself. i took some fish oil today, you’d be proud. I’ve always wanted to make u proud. i will always believe in you my talented beautiful bby. I really hope to see you soon, all of me misses all of you. I wish I could call you and hear your voice. I still look for you in whole foods, i see the same model of your car in the parking lot and wonder if it’s you. I’m actually looking out for you most of the day. it’s always a thought. I miss you kyla. xoxo love, your bby boi <3

like me, you like pretty girls. unlike me, you are one. you are a friend and the only person i’ve ever trusted and probably the only person i’ve ever loved. it’s nice that i don’t need to say so. (our minds are too similar for yours not to know.) sometimes i get sad that friendship is our limit. but then i remember that moons in the same orbit have to keep some distance to survive. 

when i catch a glimpse of you across a darkened room, your head bowed as you listen to an eager new person taken in by your beauty, a wry smile on your face, i think, on a loop, 'i can't believe you're mine.' it's my favorite chyron. what i'm really trying to say is - i love you more than those bitches before. xoxo forever