Angel Food is an online literary project. It aims to promote writing that would nourish and sustain the angels living among us. For submission information, please see our guidelines. To get updates, please subscribe to our mailing list.

Angel Food Issue 1            
Abu Ghraib by Aixa de la Cruz (translated by Jacob Rogers)
Cult Classic by Annabelle Johnston
Drinks on Wednesday Night by Greta Rainbow
Exposure to Light by Michelle Lyn King
Ornithology by Ali Rose Banach

Return to Desire by Gabrielle Sicam
What’s in a Bag? by Mána Taylor

After a Call with my Mother by Joana Urtasun
Earth’s Crust by Yagmur Akyurek
pitch to be your girl by Kameel Mir
Pure of Heart by Daisy Alioto

Inside Out: What’s in Your Bag?

The Ladies Home Journal, 1889. Photo credit: Internet Archive.

Online Cross my Heart: a crossword by Leonor Grave
Moonspotting: a Manifesto by Zainab Hussein
Tragedy of the Blue by Zainab Hussein
Sex Goblin
by Lauren Cook: an excerpt